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Common Questions About Third-Part Staffing and Recruiting Firms

What are Third-Party Recruiting and Staffing Firms?

Third-Party Recruiting and Staffing firms act as brokers connecting job-seekers with firms seeking employee's.

How Big is the Third-Party Staffing and Recruiting Industry?

It is a huge industry with over 20,000+ different staffing and recruiting firms in the United States. The revenue for the staffing industry was $481.2 Billion dollars in 2019.

Why are there So Many Third-Party Recruiters?

There are a variety of reasons there are so many recruiters. One of the main ones is it has never been easier or cheaper to become a third-party recruiter all you really need is a LinkedIn account to start your own Third-Party Staffing or Recruiting Firm.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

"LinkedIn Recruiter is a talent search tool that helps enterprise recruiters find and engage candidates for your sourcing needs." - LinkedIn. It is a very popular product because it is easy to use and almost everyone has a LinkedIn. It is also why you get SO many recruiters reaching out to you on LinkedIn.

With over 20,000+ different Third-Party Staffing and Recruiting firms there are a number of common complaints

Common Complaints of Working With Third-Party Recruiting Firms

Frustrated They don't understand the technology of the position they are hiring for or the technologies you have carefully listed on your resume.

Sad Responding to a third-party recruiter only to have them ghost you.

Fed Up You tell them to email you but they keep calling you. Your phone won't stop ringing.

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