Why I Made this Website

Hello 👋 my name is Colin Rhys and I am a software developer in Chicago.

I have received every single one of my jobs in the tech industry by working with third party technical recruiters. I quickly learned not all third-party technical recruiters and third-party recruiting firms are the same.

The first third-party technical recruiter I ever worked with helped me land a contract to hire role that was supposed to last a year but only lasted one week because the company ran out of money. The second third-party recruiter I worked with (I tried to avoid them but was getting multiple LinkedIn messages every week) doubled my salary and helped me get a contract to hire role where I ended up with a full time role.

Some third-party technical recruiters are great, and some are not. My experiences working with a number of different third-party technical recruiters and wanting to work only with great technical recruiters inspired me to make this site. We all deserve to make informed decisions about whom we work with and whom we allow to represent us.

To read more about my experiences working with third-party technical recruiters and third-party technical recruiting firms check out this piece I wrote on Dev.to here.

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